Getting Started

Welcome to Cloud CMA.
  In this Help file we hope to answer your basic questions about Cloud CMA. This file will be updated frequently based upon your input.  Keep in mind you can always email us with any questions you might have.

What is Cloud CMA?

Cloud C
MA is a online report generator.  With Cloud CMA you can generate your buyers and sellers the most comprehensive, informative, personalized, and eye catching reports in real estate. Cloud CMA includes three report sets; including a buyer tour, a single property report and of course, real estate's most innovative CMA.

Getting Started

Here's a quick check list to get you up and running with Cloud CMA.

1.  Cloud CMA is 100% web based.  You must have an internet connection to use Cloud CMA. 
2.  Make sure your contact information is correct.  Do this by clicking on your email address in the top right hand corner on your screen.  This will bring up your Profile.
3.  You must have a PDF reader installed on your computer.  Most likely you already do.  If you don't Adobe is the most popular, you can download it here.
4.  Watch the "Getting Started with Cloud CMA" Video.  You can find this on the Home Tab when log in to Cloud CMA.

Browser Requirements

Cloud CMA
has been successfully tested with Internet Explorer v7 and v8, Firefox v2 and v3, Safari v3, and Google Chrome v1.  Much of Cloud CMA will work without Javascript, but user sign-up and some advanced features require Javascript to be enabled.  If you have Javascript disabled, you should see a warning banner at the top of each page.